Team Recognition

CONGRATULATIONS to Team ‘Overcomers’ President’s Club Acheivers:

The President’s Club Recognition Program, recognizes and awards sales excellence!  The representatives listed below have achieved sales excellence!



Inner Circle Achiever:

Somendar Guatam


Rose Circle Achiever:

Jean Thomas


President’s Club Achievers:

Kristine Locke

Angeline Gonzalez

Crystal Dessaro

Lynne Johnston

Beverly Thomas



Team ‘OVERCOMERS’ Sales Leaders:

Representatives listed below are titled sales leaders on Kristine Locke’s Avon team.


Meet the leaders:

Several of these ladies are getting really close to advancing their titles again.  I’m blessed to work with such a great team of leaders!


kristine_seal    Kristine Locke (me):  Gold Leader

I’m mom to 6 great kids.  I love how with Avon,  I can build a successful business around my busy lifestyle… I love helping others to realize this dream for themselves too. Reference Code:  KristineLocke  (no space, as shown)



Tonisya  Tonisya Newman:  Gold Ambassador

Avon provides me the with the opportunity to earn money and share products that I absolutely love. Reference Code: tonisya



Chasity   Chasity Ham:  Silver Ambassador

I love Avon because of the freedom to be your own boss and you can work it when it’s convenient for you. I love the products!  Avon sells because they are good products, at a great value and easy to sell.   Reference Code:  chasham



StephanieYoung   Stephanie Young:  Promoter

I love Avon because it allows me to make money while introducing products that I love to my family and friends! Starting my own team has given me the opportunity to meet new people and share my love for Avon.   Reference code:  StephanieYoung (no space as shown)



Sandy   Sandra Knollman:  Promoter

I’m on the left. I love Avon because I believe in the products. It’s helping me to force myself out of my comfort zone. It has also brought some amazing women into my life. All that for $25 to get started? Yes ma’am!    Reference Code:  SandyKnollman  (no space, as shown)



  Crystal Desarro:  Promoter

I not only enjoy selling Avon but I love what it stands for.  Not only the products, but the company itself. We are called Independent Sales Representatives, although we are not alone. We all support each other and truly want each other to succeed. The products are not only affordable, but they produce the results that you want to achieve. There is nothing better than doing what you love, in the hours you choose to work and with products that actually work.  Reference Code:  cdesarro 


  Lynne Johnston: Promoter

I love Avon because I love to travel and Avon makes that happen for me.  I work a full-time job, but there is rarely money left to do the fun things that my husband and I like to do now that the kids have grown.  With Avon I have the extra money to travel to Jamaica each winter and this year, we are going twice!  That is why I started with Avon, and that is why I will continue!  I <3 Avon!   Reference Code:  LynneJohnston  (no space, as shown)



If you are not currently an Avon Representative, and you’d like to join our team… choose a leader above, and use their reference code at the enrollment website to join online instantly: