Social networking is a great way to promote your network marketing opportunity if it’s done right!

Social networking is a great way to promote your network marketing opportunity if it’s done right!


I do a lot of social networking online, and as a result I have many Avon Representatives on my team that are scattered all over the country! There are some no, no’s to social networking too that could actually damage your reputation online, and more than likely turn people off of you instead of interested in what you have. I will go over some do’s and do NOT’s in this article… and then perhaps we can have a discussion on it. Feel free to add any comments or points that I might miss in this article.


* Don’t Spam message boards, people’s blogs or people’s email, or private messenger’s, or their comment pages with ads promoting your business and links, ect… people will find you annoying. You will accomplish the opposite of what you want to achieve. This is the biggest mistake that I see consistently across the net.

* Don’t engage in online internet fights. Avoid it at any cost! Even if you ARE right, you will lose some integrity in the process in the online community that the “cyber fight” happened in. There are all kinds of personalities out there, and all different opinions. While it’s great to offer help to people in online communities, you don’t want to engage in the drama that can occur.  This is something that is just not worth it. Let it go. This is when mom’s old adage comes in handy… “If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”


* Join various different online communities, and message boards.

* Become active in those communities

* Become “friends” with people freely, and introduce yourself to people. No need to post anything about your business directly to them unless they ask. If you social network by building relationships, rather than shoving your business down people’s throats with every post you make, then you will attract more people to you and therefore gain more business partners to help achieve their dreams.

* Participate in message boards by helping people and adding value to the community. Make your posts educational. Truly help people without expecting anything in return. This type of selfless help will ATTRACT people to you. When you help people, you have no need to even put a link, they will hunt you down, LOL. They will message you, or google your name. They will find you to see what you’re doing, and when their timing is right you will gain new business partners.

* Be a leader with a servants heart. It’s about what you can do for them. How can you help them!?? Daily and consistently help people, even those not on your team or even in your business. Help anyone online that needs it and asks. Share your knowledge freely!

* See what you can learn from every person. I truly believe that every person has their own unique gifts and that I can learn something new from every single person. There are all kinds of “lessons” with every experience that people go through in life, and everyone has different experiences.

* I can’t stress enough the importance of providing value to people. When you provide value, and post information that truly helps people then they begin to start to look forward to reading your posts. You gain new friends online of people who value and respect your opinion.

People like to work with people that they like. In fact studies show that when evaluating an opportunity, how comfortable someone feels with the presenter is a big factor in their decision… it’s so important to make that personal connection. Building relationships with people is so much more important than posting an ad.

People that you bring into your business in this manor, that you took the time to get to know FIRST, will also be more likely to be very coach-able and will follow your “system” because they already know that you truly care about their success, so they trust that you are giving them advice that works. This will enable you to instill “duplication” into your organization. (Creating duplication in your organization is a whole new article in itself, but is important. I don’t intend to get in depth on that in this article but I will write about that another day).

Well that’s it for now. If something else pops in my head on the topic, I will certainly add on to it later.


Kristine Locke

AVON Executive Unit Leader


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