About me

Me and my kiddos (I feel short, LOL)!  



I’m mom to 5 great kiddos.  They’re my world, and they grow far too fast!!

I initially started with Avon back in 1998 and grew a very successful business from home, rising to achieve Advanced Unit Leader (was getting very close to the next title advancement to Executive Unit Leader).  This was not the beginning of my Network Marketing career, but it was the first company that I found REAL success with.

In the beginning of 2009, I had some life changes and regretfully I decided to close my Avon business. I missed it terribly, so in August of 2012,  I decided to come back to AVON… this time for good! I think Avon must be in my blood. 😉

Fast forward to December of 2014, and in 2 short years of being back with Avon I had already rebuilt my Avon business to EXCEED where I was before I left Avon in 2009, to Gold Leader and have also achieved President’s Club sales achievement each year.   I love my Avon team… my team is like my Avon family and I enjoy working with them and helping them to achieve their goals.  I think it’s GREAT that I achieve my goals by helping others to achieve theirs!

I love spending time with my family, hiking, camping, reading… and of course, building my Avon business! If you have any questions about our products, or the wonderful opportunity that Avon provides… please don’t hesitate to contact me! I provide excellent customer service, and am an experienced team leader who can help you achieve your goals with an Avon business of your own.



Avon provides me with an opportunity to build a successful business of my own, from home, around all of my other obligations. The products are wonderful quality products, at a great affordable value that my customers LOVE, and it makes it easy for anyone who needs to earn a full time or part time income from home very achievable.

I control my own hours, and my own schedule which makes it convenient to fit into my busy lifestyle. I love to help other people achieve their goals with Avon too. It is very rewarding to know that you helped a person reach their goals, so I love that personal fulfillment feeling piece of it too.