Recruiting tips for building your team LOCALLY- UPDATED

Recruiting Tips

Want to start recruiting, but not sure where to start??

By Kristine Locke:  Avon ISR, National Recruiter & Gold Leader


I’m going to make this article primarily with in person techniques for local recruiting.  In the future, I will write a 2nd article with online techniques.   For now we will stick to how to get some local team members because that’s how most people get started with recruiting.


Don’t forget… you can enroll people in person as long as you have an electronic device with you to access the self-appointment website. If you are with them in person, you can even help them get their Avon eStore all set up, and have them text the daily care flyer to their contacts so they get off to a great start.  Getting them all signed up and started while you are right there helps to build their excitement and momentum.


Online Appointing allows you to build your team Nationwide, like I do… but you can also recruit local people online this way if your schedules don’t line up to allow you to do the appointment in person.  The self-appointment website to send people to to sign up is: and YOUR reference code is whatever comes after the slash for your website.  For example, MY website is: , so my reference code is: kristinelocke (no space, as shown).   Okay…. Onto the tips!!


  • Make a list of everyone you know. Everyone you can think of, even if you can’t remember their name (cashier at gas station).  Exclude nobody and don’t pre-judge them.  People have told me before that they feel odd about that, because they don’t want to seem like they’re ‘bugging’ their friends.  I have to say, if that is what YOU are thinking, you need to shift your thinking.  I GUARANTEE that you know people who could use an additional income for their family around what they’re currently doing, without disturbing what they are currently doing, but simply by adding Avon to their normal activities as they go throughout their normal day.  YOU know people who WILL eventually become reps, if you don’t offer them the opportunity then they won’t know that they can sign up with YOU and eventually someone else will offer them the opportunity, and they will end up joining with THEM instead of you.  I’ve seen it happen to people so often.  Don’t let that be you!


  • Once you have your list, put a dollar sign next to anyone that you’ve identified that has a busy lifestyle (and therefore generally comes across a lot of people throughout their normal daily routine). These people will typically do AWESOME with Avon without changing much at all…. Simply by incorporating Avon into their daily routine (bringing brochures into work, clubs, playgroups, ect…. that they are involved in).  NEXT, put a $ sign next to all of your friends who are stay at home moms (like me)… often they would love an opportunity like Avon where they can build a successful business from home while staying home with their kids.  NEXT, put a dollar sign next to anyone you know who you know could use more money.  Now, look at all of those dollar signs that you’ve identified on your list.  They are people that you want to call as soon as possible, and offer them the Avon Opportunity.



  • HERE’S ONE APPROACH with Words to say for calling your warm market (people you know): Hi –name—, it’s —your name—.  How are you?  <Some small talk… how’s the kids, ect… then>- As you know, I recently got started with my own Avon business.  It’s going really well, and I’m so excited because I know that this is what is going to enable me to —-YOUR GOAL HERE: examples:  go on that vacation that I want to this summer, buy a new and more reliable car soon, —whatever your goal is share it here——.   It made me think of you, because I know you’ve been wanting to —–put a GOAL OF THEIRS that they’ve told you before that they wish they had the money to do—-.  Would you like to get together soon, so that I can tell you more about the Avon Opportunity?  If yes, set up the appointment and contact me or your upline to help you.  If you aren’t in NH, then we can connect by 3 way call to answer questions before she enrolls onto YOUR team online.  J


Either way, let me know as soon as you have your first person ready to enroll.  Don’t get discouraged if someone says “no”.  It’s okay.  Their timing might just not be right yet, and it’s not a big deal.  It’s a matter of calling through the numbers and sortingWe are NOT here to convince anyone or talk them into it.  It is simply a matter of providing information, and helping the people who are interested (some of them WILL be).  For the ones who name you can’t remember/don’t have their number, you’ll just have to have the conversation in person.


REMEMBER: The most successful people hear the word “no” the most, because they are offering it the most.  “No” is not personal.  In fact… look up my “100 ‘No’ challenge” in the files section of our Team Facebook Group and go for it!  GO FOR NO, and don’t let the yes’s distract you from your goal of reaching your 100 No’s!   J


  • Use the “Power of 3” (or 5 or 10, LOL). Basically what this is, it is the number of people that you commit to talk to each day about your Avon business.  It can be just as you go through your normal day… going through Dunkins drive thru for that morning coffee??  Say this:  Check out this SEUL’s recruiting technique! As she is pulling up to the drive thru she asks..”Is this your dream job? Could you use a few extra dollars part time? Everyone loves Avon and everyone needs deodorant.”   She hands her a flyer and asks her to put her phone number on the back of the receipt. She got a number in the same amount of time it took to pay for her box of nuggets. Recruiting machine or what?  -B. Avery You can also use that technique with cashiers anywhere, waitresses, just about anywhere where someone is being of service to you.  


  • Other methods…. Are you bringing your child to the park? Take that opportunity to talk about Avon to the other moms while you are there.  Strike up conversations, and eventually cross over to Avon as the conversation progresses.  OR, you could start right off with the ‘direct approach’ of talking about Avon right when you approach them.  Whichever YOU are more comfortable with.  This is NO ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way.  It’s whatever YOU are most comfortable with. The important thing is the action of doing.  You “do” consistently, you will  J


  • Put a recruiting flyer into EVERY brochure that you hand out, every campaign, every time (YES, even to your best customers). They need to know the opportunity is available through YOU.  If they don’t, then chances are, they will eventually come across another rep who offers them the opportunity, and then you will lose their sales volume COMPLETELY (not only will you lose their sales, but you won’t even have that volume on your team).  I’ve seen this happen to lots of people, including myself in the beginning.  Don’t let it happen to you!  I know of an SEUL (Molly) who used to be an Avon customer, and her Avon Representative May-Ann put a recruiting flyer in with every order (for years).  For years, Molly looked past the flyer, because she wasn’t interested in the opportunity…. But after a few years, there were some changes in Molly’s life that made her take a closer look at that recruiting flyer, and now Molly is a Bronze Executive Leader!!  Lucky for Mary-Ann that she was so consistent with the opportunity.  She could have missed out on having the great Molly on her team!  True story!  J


  • Tossing: Tossing is when you either toss brochures at the end of people’s driveways to canvass an area.  You can also do this by hanging brochures on people’s door knobs if you prefer.  The point of it is to reach new potential customers and recruits.  The system that I use for “tossing” is that each campaign I order way more brochures than I need for the campaign.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  One is I don’t want to be stingy with my brochures.  I give them out freely everywhere I go all campaign long.  Also, since I’m in Leadership I need a certain number in case I need them to sign up a new recruit.  Once that campaign is over, I take all of the brochures that I have left for that campaign and prepare them for “tossing”.  I include a recruiting flyer in EVERY brochure I toss, with the exception of the brochures that have a recruiting page IN the brochure already.  In those ones, I put a label with my online self-appointment instructions (enrollment site and reference code) on the page with the ad.


  • ALWAYS have brochures in your purse at all times with recruiting flyers in them. Wear Avon logo’d clothes or Avon pins.  Make yourself noticeable as the “Avon lady”.  When you are out and about and wearing clothes that say AVON on it, carrying a bag that says AVON it, or wearing a pin that grabs attention and says AVON on it, it will grab some people’s attention and they will ASK YOU for a brochure. 



  • Yard signs, car door magnets, car decals, ect…. These things will also help get YOU known as ‘THE’ Avon Lady in your area. Make your business as visible as you can.  I use Vista Print for these items.  You can also custom design your own clothes that say Avon on it there.  Vista Print is very reasonably priced and of great quality.  I use them all the time.    


  • Wear Avon clothing, shoes, jewelry and perfume. When complimented on them it strikes up a conversation that you can easily transition to your business. J



I hope you find these tips useful in getting started with your Leadership business! 


Kristine Locke

AVON ISR & National Recruiter

Gold Leader