New Reps Start Here

I highly recommend that you print off the following training power point,  put it into a training binder, read thoroughly and complete the suggested actions.  Doing so will help you to get off to the best start with your new business.



Here’s the Kick Start program for BRAND NEW Representatives only!  kickstart-flyer-en



This is a special offer that you can offer to your customers, but you can order it ONLY in your FIRST 7 campaigns with Avon!!!  

Tips to sell this special offer:  

* Print the flyer off and share with customers.  Be sure that they know, that they MUST order it right away because you can only order this special with your very FIRST Avon order!

* Once you print off the flyer, take a picture of it with your smartphone, then text the picture of it out with an announcement that you just started your own Avon business.  Here’s an example of what you could say:  I just started my own Avon business and I’m so excited.  Please take a look at this special offer attached and let me know right away if you want it. Thank you!  🙂