My Avon Team

Hi AVON Team ‘Overcomers’ & also a big welcome to sister representatives who are not on my team!!

Regardless of whether you are on my team or not, this site is designed to help you build your business.  Do poke around, and take advantage of the files and resources that you feel will be helpful to you.

You can see upcoming RPS Order due dates, and other team events (if any) to the left side of the page.  It’s always best to place your order on time, so always pay attention to your order due dates, and be sure to get your order in before noon Eastern time.  If you are unsure of which RPS calendar that you are on, ask me right away.

When you hover your mouse over the “My Avon Team” heading in the menu bar at the top of the page, you will see a drop down with some different areas to explore.  You have my blessing to download any files or flyers from that area, modify them with your information, and use as your own.


Wishing you continued success & explosive growth with your Avon business!


Kristine Locke

AVON ISR & National Recruiter

Executive Unit Leader