Hurricane Harvey Relief… Please join me in helping!

It is heartbreaking looking at all of the pictures of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey.  Avon has stepped up to help in a big way.  For just $10, you can purchase a Hurricane Relief bundle and Avon will ship it directly to shelters in the impacted areas.   The bundles will include personal care items such as deodorant, shampoo, body wash, bug guard, and more.  They will also include some housewares.  Money raised will also be used for purchasing other items such as blankets, and pillows, and other items in need.

I purchased 3 of these bundles yesterday, and I commit to buying 3 more bundles each campaign (every 2 weeks) until the victims no longer need help.  I’d like to make a bigger difference than I can afford to do on my own, so my goal is to sell at least 100 of these $10 product bundles.  These people have lost everything.  Please help me make a difference!

You can purchase bundles or make a donation right through my Avon website.  Here is the direct link to the Hurricane Relief items: