These are great 3rd party resources that I have found useful for building my Avon business.

I highly recommend these resources for ANY Network Marketer.

My professional reputation is very important to me, and therefore I will only recommend resources that I personally use and find extremely useful in my OWN business.

SendOutCards: I use Send Out Cards to send postcards to my Avon prospects.  I send out a postcard to a new prospect the day after I call them if they have not yet enrolled as an Avon Representative.  I also send an additional postcard to my prospects once per quarter (every 3 months) if they have not yet enrolled.  The initial mailing about doubles my lead-to-sign up ratio, and every time I do a quarterly mailing I always get more who’s timing has changed and they decide to enroll. Sometimes, I also send training cards to my team… as well as birthday cards or holiday cards.   I can not recommend this service highly enough!  The way it works, is you customize your postcard or card exactly the way you want it.  Write your OWN message (whether it be your company message or a personal message), add your OWN pictures if you wish as well.  Once created, you send your card through the system.  I have some great Avon postcards and cards already designed, so if you are an Avon Rep and you decide to use this service, then just email me your user number after your account is created and I’ll be happy to share my cards with you.  You can modify them as you see fit, with YOUR info and use as your own.  Send Out Cards will create the physical card to your specifications and mail it to the names and addresses that you specify.  It’s awesome!
Virtual Business Card App, by Shuffle:  This app is absolutely AWESOME!  Seriously!!  I’ve been texting my virtual business card to all of my leads (new and old) and people have been very receptive and responsive to it. It has resulted in quite a boost to my sign ups.  It’s SO much better than just sending a plain text, and includes all of my links and even can include video’s in your virtual card.  You can make up to 10 cards, and many different intro’s.  I have one that is a standard card, another that is a “Thank You” card that I send to all of my customers who place Direct Delivery orders at my website.  Another idea that I’m implementing is making a virtual card each campaign, highlighting the specials and A-box for that campaign.  The cards are ‘shareable’ too, so you never know how far they will go.  Anyway… I absolutely LOVE it, and it has definitely made a positive impact on my business.  Here are a few of my cards as examples.  If you would like to sign up for the 14 day FREE trial, then click on the referral link at the bottom of either one of my cards to sign up for your own virtual business card.  After the 14 day free trial, it is only $10 per month to continue using it.  WELL WORTH IT in my opinion.  This is GREAT for ANY business… ANY Network Marketer, Realtor, anyone with any kind of business.  It’s awesome! 
My Virtual Business Card:
My Virtual ‘Thank you’ Card:
VistaPrint:  I use VistaPrint for promotional materials.  I have found them to be of good quality, and more affordable than most other places that I’ve looked at offering similar products.  I design and buy my business cards through them.  I have also purchased the following products from them:  yard sign, car magnets with my information for my car doors, banners, shirts, hats, refrigerator magnets, as well as decals for my car windows (NOTE: I found that my car decals faded after about one year. For the price, 1 year of use promoting my business isn’t bad… but there are other companies that offer 3-5 year no-fade guarantees- but you will pay more.  Just wanted to let you know that the window decals do fade more quickly than those from some other companies decals tend to).                                                        
Campaign-Mailer:  I use Campaign-Mailer to mail brochures to my customers who are not local to me.  The brochure that they mail out on your behalf is INCLUDED in their price.  They are very reasonable, and allows you to take advantage of a ‘Bulk Rate’ for mailing without having to meet all of the requirements and expense of getting your own Bulk Mail permit.  Through Campaign-Mailer, you can mail 1 Avon brochure or 1,000 at low bulk rate pricing (again brochure is INCLUDED).  This is LESS than what you would have to pay in postage to mail the brochure yourself without getting your own bulk rate permit.  Campaign-Mailer will customize the label to your specifications with your info and mail to your customers on your behalf.  If you decide to use this service, please enter my name in as the referrer when you create your account.  In doing so, they will give me some credits to go toward my mailings for having referred you to their service.  Please enter:   Kristine Locke   in the “Referred By” section. 
Phonevite:  Phonevite is a service that I find useful for making phone calls to all of my customers with an order reminder before my order goes in.  I record a message into ‘Phonevites’ system (very simple to do), then enter all of the phone numbers of everyone that I gave an Avon brochure to that campaign who hasn’t placed an order yet, then send.  Phonevite will call ALL of the numbers that I entered, and play the message that I had recorded… to remind them all that order day is almost here, so please take a peek at your brochure and let me know if you’d like anything before —day— or —time—.  You are charged only for successful calls, and it is only .05 per call!!  I’ve found this to be a great time saver, and well worth the small investment.  Minimum purchase is $10 (and that makes a LOT of phonecalls).  Use coupon code:  REFER10 at checkout, and enter my email address as your referrer, and we will BOTH get $10 in phone credits to make phone calls with!!!  My email address to enter as your referrer is: .  Their website is: