Grateful…. and Merry Christmas!!



Today is Christmas eve, and I can’t help but think of how grateful I am for so much.  Most of all I’m thankful for my big beautiful family…my wonderful husband, and my 6 beautiful children.  I’m also thankful for my Avon business, and how it has allowed me to work from home, and the opportunities that having my own Avon business has given me.

I’m going to expand on this, because I truly want to help others to achieve what I have so it’s important to me to share my experience with you.  Because of my Avon business, I was able to buy Christmas presents for my 6 kids this year WITHOUT having to figure out HOW on earth I’m going to make it happen, like years in the past (by selling something of mine of value, or borrowing money).  I can’t quite find the words to express how that felt. It was SO nice to not have to stress out and figure out HOW I was going to make it happen this year, or HOW I’m going to put home heating oil in the tank.  I have my Avon business to thank for that!!

Can hardly wait for tomorrow morning to see all of their faces when they see what they got.  😀


I’m telling you all this, because I am on a mission to help as many other people change their lives, just as I’ve changed mine.  If you are sick of struggling, and you want to make a better life for yourself, let me help you.  Join my AVON team today for experienced team support…. and start working toward your better tomorrow.  Career level income, or extra pocket money…. YOU decide!

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Kristine Locke

Executive Unit Leader