Does your organization need to raise funds??

Consider Avon Fundraising!  For decades, Avon has been helping organizations all around the world raise the funds that they need for their organization.


The Independent Avon Sales Representative, Kristine Locke, who maintains this page is based out of NH… however, Kristine has an Avon team that spans Nationwide.  Use the form below to contact Kristine about your Fundraising needs, and she will get you in touch with a representative on her team that is closest to you. Please include your city and state in your message: 

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Avon Fund-raising Works!

A school or Organization with 400 participants or members who each sell $100 (a modest

order) equals a total of $40,000. At 40% earnings, the school raises $16,000!


There are many ways to raise money with an Avon Fund-raiser. Organizations may choose to sell from a

brochure, single-page flyer, or a single product. An Avon Fund-raiser can be customized to meet any group’s

needs. We offer a line of products that cannot be matched for variety, quality, and affordable prices. Many

Organizations have been very successful with Avon Fund-raisers.


1. The Organization’s earnings should be determined by their actual sales. For example, if a group sells

approximately $1,500, their earnings could be 40%. If it sells less than $1,500, their earnings could be

30%. Some toys/gift products are subject to different earnings scales.

2. The duration of the Fund-raiser event (i.e., one or two weeks), and the brochure or flyer to used, is

agreed upon by the Organization and the Avon Representative.

3. The cost of the brochures and other expenses can be estimated. The Organization and the Avon

Representative jointly determine how the expenses will be covered.

4. Each Participant is provided a brochure/flyer from which to take orders. Participants will also be

provided with a customer order form or book and a collection envelope. Customers make their checks

out to the Organization when they place their order with the Participant. Each customer will be

charged an order-processing fee of 75 cents.

5. Each Participant returns the order forms and payment in the collection envelope to a contact person in

charge at the school or Organization.

6. Your Avon Representative collects the order and the agreed upon cost for the products, plus the total

customer order processing fees. The Organization actually has its money “in hand” before the

products are delivered. The Representative then orders the appropriate products on the special

purchase order and submits it for processing in the provided fund-raiser envelope.

7. If the Organization is sales tax exempt, Avon will need a copy of the Organization’s sales tax exempt

certificate. If not, Participants should collect the appropriate sales tax.  This is not applicable to non-sales tax states such as NH (for example).

8. The products are delivered to the Organization approximately two weeks from the time the orders are

collected by the Avon Representative.



Let me help your Organization reach its fund-raising goal with Avon Fundraising!!!!




Q: What Kind of Profit can our organization expect?

A:  Depending on the total sale, you can receive up to 40% of what you sell. If you have 20

participants who sell $10 worth of Avon to 10 people, you would have total sales of $2000, of which you would

earn $800

Q: Why can some other fund-raising companies offer us 50%?

A: From what I have seen, a company can offer 50% when it is charging a premium for its

products. For example, if you have ever bought frozen pizza or cheesecakes as a fund-raiser, you have paid a

premium over what they would cost at retail. Even candy bars are sold for $1 each. With Avon, you are

offering people high quality products they need, know and will use, priced competitively with similar products

at retail.

Most fun-raising companies offer up to 40%. Other offer much less! T-Shirts sales, for example often offer

only 20%.

Q: What type of prize program does Avon offer?

A: To save you money, Avon Fund-raisers do not automatically include a prize program. The

cost of those prizes comes out of the organizations earnings, and we want to see you earn all you can. What has

worked with many organizations is to offer group prizes, such as pizza party or ice cream party, for the group or

class with the highest sales. I will be happy to contact local merchants to try to get these types of prizes donated to

your organization.

If you do want to purchase prizes for your top sellers, Avon has videos, music, and other products you could offer as


Q: How can we know that an Avon Fund-raiser will be as successful as fund-raisers we have had in the


A: Avon is very competitive with other fund-raising organizations. I can work with you to

duplicate the previous success you’ve had. All types of organizations have been using Avon Fund-raisers for

years to raise the money they need, organizations ranging from churches to schools to day care centers to sports

products for the entire family make for an extremely successful fund-raiser.


Whether you need to raise funds for a small organization such as a sports team, or for an entire school, I can help!  Please contact me, so that we can go over your organizations specific goals and develop your fundraising plan.  Your organization will earn up to 40% of sales in profits!  We have several specific Fundraising flyers to choose from for your fundraiser, or you can even choose to have a FULL brochure Fundraiser. Contact me, and we will go over your needs and options, and you can decide what will be best for you.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.