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Kristine Locke: Cosmetologist, AVON ISR, National Recruiter & Gold Leader


Welcome to my site.  My name is Kristine Locke.  I’m a Licensed Cosmetologist, Avon Independent Sales Representative & National Recruiter.  I’m building a successful Nationwide Avon business from home, and have a passion for helping others to do the same.  Whether you are a customer who is looking for a knowledgeable Avon Representative who can service you, someone who is looking to get started with your own Avon business, or you’re already an Avon Representative or other direct sales representative and found my site to get business tools to help you build your business to the next level… I can help.


Looking for an Avon Representative??

Explore my site.  In my blog, you will find beauty articles and beauty “how to” tips as well as articles that address specific skin care concerns such as sensitive skin, under-eye circles and even acne remedies.  If you need any recommendations, don’t forget that I’m a licensed cosmetologist and am comfortable making recommendations, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your concerns and ask, so that I can help you choose the best  products for you.  Avon has high quality products at great affordable pricing.  I proudly to stand behind Avon products.  I’d love to be your Avon Lady!  Once you’ve registered as a customer at my website, you will receive regular Avon brochures from me by mail.  You can also view the online brochure at any time. To visit my Avon Online Store, click on  “My Avon Shop”  and have fun shopping!


Could you use an additional income for your family?

If you are looking to earn an additional income around your other obligations, becoming an Avon Representative might be a great fit for you.  Join my Avon team, and I will be here to help you achieve your goals.  I’m an experienced team leader with a passion for helping others build a successful business of their own.  You’ll be in business ‘for’ yourself, but not ‘by’ yourself.   2016 results are in, and I’m #1 in my division for team sales increase.  My team increased their sales by over $200,000 dollars over the prior year in 2016!  Join my winning team TODAY.  Click on “JOIN My Avon Team” for more information, and to get started.


Are you already in direct sales, and looking for business tools to help you grow your business to the next level??

You will find my “Resource” page valuable.  My resource page lists 3rd party services that I personally use to assist me in building my business.  My reputation is important to me, so I only recommend things that I have found extremely helpful that I’m confident that others will find useful as well.  Additionally, feel free to look at my documents where you will find fliers and ideas to help you.  Mine are geared specifically toward Avon because that’s what I do, but if you are in direct sales with a different company, I’m sure you can take the ideas and then modify them to suit you.  🙂


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!  I’m always happy to help.


Kristine Locke,

AVON ISR, National Recruiter & Gold Leader